Year: 2017

VMware Fusion 10 no peer process to connect to

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Well, on High Sierra when installing with Home-brew, I get this error over and over. I fixed it previously by checking on the System Preferences/Security/General and enabling a kernel extension, but this doesn’t seem to appear anymore. It worked fine until this latest Fusion 10.1, so I’m wondering if that is the problem. Note that…

Windows 10 and Firewire IEEE 1394 if you haven't updated in the last two years

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OK, I’m sure this is a common problem and I’m no Windows 10 expert, but some notes on making a computer work that is trying to use an older camcorder with Firewire: Make sure you have taken the updates. Windows 10 has lots of them. I can’t actually remember where I found the automatic Windows…

Airbnb discounts for Christmas 2017

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Covered elsewhere but you no longer get 5x points on Ink Plus/Cash on eBay using Paypal Digital Gifts. Also does  not work with anymore, although still works. But most reliable way is to: Right now on chase, there is a 4x bonus for using chase mall to get to but only for physical…

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