Month: May 2017

No recourse even from Tim Cook, so Looking hard at HP, Dell and Lenovo

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Well the fragility of MacBook Pros has me looking for new laptop recommendations. I by the way did tweet to #tim_cook and apples executive support tram responded awesomely fast.  The main news is that there is no recourse from what level 2 tech support says through that channel. Warranty decisions are made at the descretion…

MacBook Pros 2016 are super fragile screens beware of buying them

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Ok, I’ve had three cases now of MacBook Pro 2016 which have screen cracks from things that is should not. The repair cost is $700 and they will not cover it under AppleCare Closing your laptop on an Ethernet adapter. This will totally crack your screen and this is called accidental damage. Closing your laptop…

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