Month: August 2017

Photo sharing redux for Android and IOS

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I’ve been using a combination of with phpgallery for private photos plus iCloud Photo sharing, but there are two problems: shared hosting is just unbearably slow for this purpose, not surprising given the low fee, even with unlimited storage it takes a long time to load and managing the gallery is definitely a…

Outfitting a new apartment

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Wow this has gotten way easier thanks to, and Subscriptions are required for the first and last but totally worth it: Tramontina. This is the has a knockoff Allclad triple-ply pans that can last a lifetime. For a limited time $109 gets you a set of 8 (really four pots). Tramontina…

Ultimate gizmos and kit for USB C to USB A/USB 3.0 mixed lifestyles

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Ok for the true power geek, here are the USB C accessories you need. The main things to do are to look for cables with USB-IF certified and e-Marker chips and take the advice on sorting your cable capabilities by length since USB C cables all look the same but have very different speed differences….

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