Photo sharing redux for Android and IOS

I’ve been using a combination of with phpgallery for private photos plus iCloud Photo sharing, but there are two problems: shared hosting is just unbearably slow for this purpose, not surprising given the low fee, even with unlimited storage it takes a long time to load and managing the gallery is definitely a […]

Outfitting a new apartment

Wow this has gotten way easier thanks to, and Subscriptions are required for the first and last but totally worth it: Tramontina. This is the has a knockoff Allclad triple-ply pans that can last a lifetime. For a limited time $109 gets you a set of 8 (really four pots). Tramontina […]

Using your Synology for SSH Jumping

Well most of the time you have to use some sort of VPN to get back into your machine, but you can also use your Synology for SSH port jumping (if you dare!). Here’s how: Enable SSH with Control Panel/Terminal & SNMP/Enable SSH Service Enable Home folders with Control Panel/User/Advanced/Enable User Home. You have to […]

Ultimate gizmos and kit for USB C to USB A/USB 3.0 mixed lifestyles

Ok for the true power geek, here are the USB C accessories you need. The main things to do are to look for cables with USB-IF certified and e-Marker chips and take the advice on sorting your cable capabilities by length since USB C cables all look the same but have very different speed differences. […]

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