Mac Keyboard and Emojis

Someone asked me why they do not get emoji’s properly on their Mac. OK, this caused a wasted 30 minutes of delving into Emojis. So here’s the dump: Macs will automagically convert certain key sequences into emojis and offer them as autocomplete alternatives. If you type 🙂 you will get a smiley emoji. Stackoverflow as a […]

Slack Notifications in iOS 11 needs a trick

Ok, this is a strange thing about slack as documented in Reddit. Most iOS applications have a notification list and you can turn it on and off, but with Slack, each “room” has a notification setting in the upper left (triple dots) section, you need to select notifications and turn them on. Otherwise, you will not […]

Add SSL to your Bluehost WordPress site

I’ve been meaning for a long time to secure all my websites with SSL and I thought it would be very complicated, but it turns out Bluehost actually offers this service directly, you. You just login to and then go to: WordPress Tools. You will see that you have the ability to make changes […]

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