Tesla batteries 18650 vs 2170

Well it is pretty incredible that all these fancy cars are basically filled with AA Lithium Ion batteries, that’s not exactly completely true, but there is nothing that special. Here’s the scoop on batteries. The current Model X and S have 18650 Lithium Ion batteries. These are standard batteries that are 18mm in diameter and […]

Waiting out Tesla and other EV improvements

Well, now that the Model 3 production is so well covered, time now to think about what happens in 2019 and 2020 with the new cars coming. Unlike traditional cars, electric vehicles are on an amazingly rapid timeline. While many of the changes (like full self driving) are mainly software improvements there are some key […]

Gitlab protects master branches

Ok still learning the differences between Github and gitlab. The good news is that the basic git commands do work properly between them, but the semantics are a little different. The biggest difference is that GitHub.com is completely flat, there is no hierarchy of repos, whereas with gitlab, you can have arbitrary nest of projects and […]

MacBook Pro High Sierra Update Fails if Encryption not complete

Ok one thing that folks don’t cover is that if you try to do a High Sierra upgrade (and probably any other upgrade), you get strange results if you have not complete FileVault Encryption. One of our MacBook Pro’s was in the middle of doing encryption and then we tried to run an upgrade. The […]

PowerTap P-1 Pedal a year later, cleat covers and Stages Power LR alternative

Wow, pretty amazing that all that technology can fit into a single set of pedals, but these things really do reliably report power to a Garmin 800 cyclocomputer (if only getting the data out of that thing was as easy, but that’s another post). Note that these thing do take Lithium AA batteries, so order […]

Moving from Google Contacts to Apple

If you are concerned about security, the new scheme where Apple cannot see your contacts, calendars and photos, but it isn’t super easy to move things. So here’s a quick list for how to do it. Moving Contacts There are really two steps to move your contacts. First go to google.com/contacts and export the contacts into […]

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