Apple Photo Scanning

OK, there is not much written about this, but Apple has a highly private (they don’t look at your photos), scheme for doing both object and face detection across iPhone

Quick Tips: Google Slides Tranparency and MacOS Airplay

Spent the day working on presentations, so learned a few easy things: First is that when you use Google Slides, it’s really good for collaboration but quite different from Mac

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Simple Workflow

OK, I’ve recorded three events with the DJI Osmo Mobile 2. It’s a nice $129 stabilized mount that fits an iPhone X pretty much perfectly. There are quite a few

iPhone Audio Recording

Well, the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is an incredible stabilized mount for doing recordings at live events with an iPhone, the video quality is unbelievable and the controls are great,

Cool Deals: Digital Subscriptions

The Washington Post This is normally $10/month, but with Amazon, you get a deal where it is $4/month after a six month trial for Amazon Prime member. Nice! Photo by

Social Enterprises and Impact Investing

I don’t know how big a category this is going to be, but there are definitely some interesting resources to look at. For instance, we have… IMPACTBASE. This is a

Scale Down an Image in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Hat tip on pointing Image Size by as the perfect app to down res photos. Needed if you post to WordPress or need an avatar for a site…. —

Why amazon should just buy

It’s so sad to see so many Amazon Choice products with D ratings. The spammers are winning so please don’t buy there unless you check As an example this