Scuffing your hardwood floors

We seem to be in major home focus these days, but we have a set of chairs that are really hard on the hardwood floors. Well there are some easy

Blackout curtains

When you live in a spot where the sun comes up at 5AM and sets at 10PM, a good set of blackout curtains begins to look pretty good (that or

More cool Apple Photos tips and tricks

I hadn’t realized these tricks, but as I use the thing more, I’m learning, but for MacOS, here are some good things to know First is that you can actually

BENQ 3200PT Calibration on High Sierra

Well, my trusty (like 10 year old) Datacolor Spyder3Elite is finally obsolete. Not because the sensor is bad, but because they don’t support it anymore. How sad is that! I’ve

Urban Myths Part Deux: Keeping your gas car is better

OK, there is another urban myth which is, well it is obviously far better to keep my gasoline power car for as long as possible instead of getting a new

Urban Myths: EVs worse for the environment than Gas Card

Ok I’ve heard this a few times that since EVs use burn more carbon in making lithium ion batteries and the electricity uses coal and is dirty. In looking through

A Better Route Planner Parameters

Here’s the ticket to getting to within 5% of your time to a destination and that same accuracy on recharge times. Well as we plan long trips, range anxiety means

Living with a Bolt, The Tragedy of Non-Integrated Vehicle Electronics

OK, I guess I’m writing way too much about cars these days, but having had the Bolt for over a year. Here’s a summary of the peculiarities. Almost all of

2018 The State of USB C Charging

Well things are getting a little better, in the first half of the year, some great things happened. The main issue is that the reviews from are mostly worthless

AirPod Case Reviews

OK I’m by no means scientific, but by a search through plus checking with for spammed reviews, there are many of these, here are some recommendations for protecting