Month: January 2019

Mac Antivirus, Firewalls, VPNs and Security Software 2019

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Well time for an update on keeping yourself safe from viruses on a Mac and all the bad folks out there. While the defaults are pretty good, you can always do better, here are the recommendations in a nutshell: Automatic Operating system. This is probably the most important one, but while there the risks of…

Getting an old speaker setup working again Definitive Technology BP3000TL and CS3000 and SVS Subwoofer

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Well they have been sitting around unused for quite a while and for some reason I decided to get them working again. I also have an old receiver, so why throw away speakers, yes they are 20 years old, but they also have 12 inch subwoofers in them and 1kW of power each. Here’s the…

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