Ubiquiti UniFi Controller Advanced Settings

Certain clients won’t be able to handle these. So if you lose access (it’s been reported for Lenovo Windows machines for instance) then you need to turn them off. You turn these on by going to the Unifi Controller Settings at the lower left and enabling Advanced Settings which include airtime fairness, bandsteering, minimum RSSI, […]

Unifi Controller Management

OK, I’ve been using Unifi for a while now and making it work properly has always been a bit of chore, particularly in managing what channels to put access points as that requires really looking at interference. But with the latest release, 5.10, this has become much easier: You can’t use the square access points […]

Building deep learning machines 2019

Ok, it’s been a year since I’ve written down a recommendation for building a gigantic computer or any computer for that matter. I haven’t been building many of these now that a basic laptop like the MacBook Pro 15″ is so powerful. And I haven’t been doing much gaming and most of the machine learning […]

Adding a LearnDash and Thrive Quiz to WordPress with Elementor

Quizzes are a great way to engage website viewers, but what’s an easy way to make one. Unfortunately Elementor doesn’t have a quiz widget yet. For flashy shareable quizzes that can go viral, the reviews at themeisle and wpsuperstars.net seem to point to Thrive Quiz Builder as the flashiest. The pricing is complicated, but basically it is […]

The Best WordPress Security Plugins and Services 2019

I used to use iThemes and WordFence together, but now they really do overlap so now I’ve disabled WordFence to simplify things. I still use Updraft Backup instead of the iThemes because it lets you connect to Google Drive or Dropbox. Source: The Best WordPress Security Plugins and Services 2019

A history and some revival fonts IM Fell

I’ve been looking for some fonts that look “colonial” or ancient. This led to finding IM Fell which are Google Free fonts that actually digitized from some existing tests done by Dr. John Fell that were cut in 1672 or so. The Fell Types: a history and some revival fonts created by Igino Marini using […]

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