Day: November 2, 2019

What’s all this then about MacBook Pro and their cons

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Mark sent me a note from some random person about how MacBook Pro’s are the stepchildren of the Apple world. The complaints which I’ve heard quite a bit come down to: The keyboard isn’t great. The updates have been slow. It doesn’t have enough ports with only USB C. I’ll be a little contrarian about…

Update on sunglasses Julbo Aero Pro Zebra Light now the Julbo Aero Segment

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Well, I’ve really loved the Julbo Aero Pro with photochromic lenses. I got them for $105 on Amazon which I now realize was an incredible deal from Backcountry as a closeout. Sad to say. But the aero pro with zebra light is really good. I got the ones which were Zebra Light lenses category 1-3…

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