Year: 2019

Panoramic Stitching Software – PTGui vs Hugin

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Well most phones have this built in and there is a basic one in every copy of Lightroom and Photoshop, but I’ve found those ones are pretty basic. I’ve also used the open source Hugin. This seems to work pretty decently, but for a while, it wasn’t even working on the Mac, but the 2018…

iOS Safari "experimental features"

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I always seemed to have trouble with certain sites especially advertising ones. My main machine worked fine and my backup phone. At first I thought it was content blocking. Or maybe cross site tracking. Then I cleared the history. Turns out it was Safari Experimental Features. I had wandered in there and enabled them all….

Getting an old speaker setup working again Definitive Technology BP3000TL and CS3000 and SVS Subwoofer

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Well they have been sitting around unused for quite a while and for some reason I decided to get them working again. I also have an old receiver, so why throw away speakers, yes they are 20 years old, but they also have 12 inch subwoofers in them and 1kW of power each. Here’s the…