Month: February 2020

Changing your primary domain at Gsuite and WordPress

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Ok, you have a placeholder name for your startup, but then a brilliant flash and suddenly becomes so how do you make the switch. Well, there are two places where this needs to happen. First is with Gsuite so that your email comes from the right place which is technically called, changing your…

Adding a new site to WordPress Multisite and Gsuite

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Ok assuming you have the following stack of providers: Namecheap for registration of your domain name of Digital Ocean for running your droplet with the WordPress installation at Digital Ocean for the DNS service for Then this is how you configure things to work with SSL and everything else loaded: Go to…

Bluehost email down again

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Ok something changed with iOS and MacOS so now with Bluehost mail we are getting all these SSL errors. See for your personal configuration. In looking at the instructions, it looks like with non-SSL. Which you never want to use, you use `` for your domain, this then maps to your actually shared host…

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