Migrating from Office365 to GSuite Tips and Tricks

Just did this transition and there are some things that are a little tricky, here’s a list: There isn’t an easy way to migrate mail. Assuming you aren’t a big company, the easiest way is to just have individual people open up mail in their Outlook or Mac Mail clients and copy the mail back […]

Changing your primary domain at Gsuite and WordPress

Ok, you have a placeholder name for your startup, but then a brilliant flash and suddenly placeholder.com becomes cool.com so how do you make the switch. Well, there are two places where this needs to happen. First is with Gsuite so that your email comes from the right place which is technically called, changing your […]

Tips and Tricks on getting your new company up and run-in non the web

It’s been a while, but reading from last week, the main focus has been getting a website up and running. From finding a new name on Namecheap to connecting it to Digital Ocean or AWS Route 53 and then GSuite. See https://tongfamily.com for the text posts. For the Amazon book list Send in a voice […]

AWS Route 53 and .AI Domain weirdness

I’ve been slowly moving my organizational stuff to either AWS or Digital Ocean and just had a strange thing. Normally it’s pretty simple. If you have Namecheap, you just to to Route53 on AWS, choose create Hosted Zones. This is their name for a Domain Name. You will get some NS records which are four […]

The Weirdness that is 1Password Family Accounts

If you have a small startup or a family, 1Password is an awesome tool. For $5/month, you get a very secure zero-knowledge system for storing passwords. The main issue is that it is pretty complicated to figure out how to use it properly. So here are some tips: You are allowed five user accounts with […]

Adding a new site to WordPress Multisite and Gsuite

Ok assuming you have the following stack of providers: Namecheap for registration of your domain name of new.com Digital Ocean for running your droplet with the WordPress installation at host.com Digital Ocean for the DNS service for new.com and for www.new.com. Go to the control panel and go to Network/Manage and then make the A […]

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