Ultimate Home Theater Sound Tests


Ok I don’t really mean sound test. I mean butt rumbling bass. Most of the movies I used to use sound thin theses days like Fifth Element or the Matrix helicopter crash don’t sound as great. So what movies really hit the 10 hertz. YouTube has some great ones.

So here are some of my 2019 favorites:

  1. Interstellar. Ok, it’s not just the music but the rocket launches at 42 minutes that are so authentic and it has in fact blown up subwoofers so be careful. From loud to completely silent. The matching of the orbitals and the music age crazy. The black hole falling scene at 2:20 has a massive low frequency at the center channel. And the music itself is down to 20 hertz!
  2. Terminator Dark Fate. Well, I’m not sure how great a movie it was, but man does it really push the low frequencies.

Then there are movies with short sequences. As an aside, there is a science to this, someone actually did the bass analysis (at least up to 2015 🙂

  1. Apollo 13. The Saturn V launch, what could be better.
  2. Edge of Tomorrow. In the beginning, there is a 7 hertz which is incredible. The rest of the movie is good as a movie but that initial scene really gets to you.
  3. Lord of the Rings. The initial scene with Sauron is really an amazing low bass test. The rest is decent but that first scene really tests.
  4. The Matrix. In the original, the helicopter crash is very, very low frequency.

What about movies with just great soundtracks although not necessarily just low bass.

  1. Transformers Dark Side of the Moon. Ok, Michael Bay is well, Michael Bay, but the Dark Side of the movie is just awesome for graphics. Check out scene 10.
  2. John Wick. Another movie that doesn’t have a great plot. But the gunshots are great for transients. But the Red Square scene is an amazing combination of music and shots.
  3. Saving Private Ryan. Well, I’ve never been in a real battle of course. But the beach landing scene is just unbelievable. It’s not a low bass effort but the whole thing.
  4. War of the Worlds. I haven’t watched in a while but need to check as its pretty old.

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