Latest COVID-19 statistics

Well, the core news sources I use show that the tail down in Washington State is happening. Even Uncle Dave is talking about it and California is tailing down as well, so we are to the “dance” part while we wait for an effective treatment or a vaccine. For basic reading, there is an absolute […]

Microsoft Outlook Can Block OneDrive Shortcuts

In a kind of hilarious, this company is too large, problem beware that if you go use OneDrive to share, you will get a wonderful URL shortened version to share with folks, you will get a URL that looks like But when it gets filtered through Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection in some organizations, then […]

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency tax accounting

Well Alex asked and the rules are sensible if hard to enforce. As usual this isn’t tax advice. Just clips from the network. As your accountant 🙏 If you buy and sell you declare this as short and long term gains. If you buy something with a Bitcoin even for $1 that’s a taxable event […]

Ultimate Home Theater Sound Tests

Ok I don’t really mean sound test. I mean butt rumbling bass. Most of the movies I used to use sound thin theses days like Fifth Element or the Matrix helicopter crash don’t sound as great. So what movies really hit the 10 hertz. YouTube has some great ones. So here are some of my […]

Simple keyboard shortcut tips

Well some are so obviously useful If you are editing with WordPress or the iOS app. It has a smart paste. If u have a url in the clipboard. Highlight text will be be replaced. Instead a link goes there. Nice with shortcuts as highlight and ctrl-v just works. iOS track pad mode. If you […]

Cool Zoom Backgrounds

Well now that Zoom has cool backgrounds, everyone seems to be building “licensed” content. Well with Pexels, you can get generic backgrounds which are great. So there is now a cottage industry around these backgrounds: Shutterstock also ahs a dedicated section for video backgrounds. The most interesting are pretending you are in an old school […]

Zoom Security Upgrade and 2FA resets

Ok, Zoom says they are at over 300M users (from 200M a few weeks ago!). So for all of you using it, some tips and tricks: You should turn on 2FA. That actually isn’t super easy because you turn it on in admin > Advanced > Security pane and then actually connect it with the […]

Creating a RAID drive on MacOS

This is not the most obvious thing with any operating system, but it’s particularly confusing on the Mac. If you have some data that is really sensitive, then you want to create a RAID1 also known as a mirror set. This means that if you have two 16TB drives for instance, the system writes the […]

DigitalOcean WordPress Database Connection Cannot Be Reestablished

This happened again on one of my servers. The last time, it had to do with the lack of a swap file and then running out of physical memory. Usually a reboot helps which you do like this: Rebooting a Digital Ocean image by ssh into the machine and then sudo service apache2 restart and […]

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