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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Spec Ops


Everyone has guilty pleasure. Mine is a quick game of CoD. Been playing since the very first version! Truthfully I don’t like Battle Royale etc. I’ve always favored the more realistic simulations but these games are in way more fashion an

The main reason is the hordes of NPCs across ten scenarios. But the good ones for “farming” levels are. Game Crate has some good advice for teh three separate modes inside Specialty Ops although I normally play the Public Matches. These started with four and now have 10+ different variants. These are nice because you can use the same loadouts as in the multiplayer version. As Screenrant suggests, I find that:

  1. The Medic role is the most valuable, it saves your buddies as needed. At least one person should have it. If you run and gun, then someone with the Attack role is great as it gives you one shot kill.
  2. Knowing how to deal with Juggernauts is important. The main thing is to have someone with a Riot Shield as these (unrealistically) can stop this strange unlimited ammo critter. Then you can use your stun to stop it and then unload. The best thing I find is to deal with it from multiple angles, it turns slowly, so you just take a crack at it then hide while a teammate unloads. I’m not quite sure, but I think aiming for the head is more effective.

Then here are some notes about maps

There a bunch of different maps and here are hints for surviving in each:

  • Headhunter. This one is actually pretty difficult mainly because in the end, you are defending from lots of different angles against a flat building. Juggernaut doesn’t work well as there is no place to hide. What seems best is to have a thermal scope to see folks and then to have lots of armor. No real tricks here.
  • Harbinger. This is great for long range harvesting and I use it to get something leveled up.. Basically if you take the roof of the northern most house or a position high on that hill against a cliff you don’t have to worry about your “six” and can snipe away. Also being at the top of the building in the second half is great. you can uplevel your sniper rifle easily that way. Finally in the final third, if you enter the building from the rear, you can clear out everything and only then get the hostage. The main trick here is the automatic guns, they take a second to spool up, so if you peak and scoot, you can defeat them easily.
  • Strongbox. This level is great for close on. Just get the automatic machine guns on the second level and hide on the balcony with your mates or next to the safe. If you don’t open the safe, you can literally mine until there is no more ammo. This is a good level to uplevel LMGs, SMGs or ARs as you can work to your hearts content and you dont need special optics. Also there are lots of automatic weapons on the 2nd floor, the key seems to be to get behind them or to peak and use an LMG to take them out.
  • Bank Vault. Actually I forgot the name, but it’s just before you go into the Strong Box. This is also a good level for long range work as you can just climb the tallest building (go to the floor and you can work up the shaft). Then it’s easy to parachute to the helo. The really difficult part is surviving the last part. But as a sniper, if you are in the low building next to the tower and garden you have great sight lines down the street.
  • Paladin. This is actually a crazy hard level if you don’t have the right team. But there are two great things about it. When you are waiting for the helicopter to show up, if you go to the balcony right at the opening the hole there is a natural channel point and you can uplevel your loadout pretty quickly particularly with streaks. The only difficult part is the waves coming in the middle section. I find there is a nice concrete barrier that provides lots of protection. You do need a thermal scope though as it’s mainly filled with smoke and in the later section, you can help your team by staying outside the second area. Finally a Juggernaut is really helpful at the very end if you stay at the same second level.

Best weapons

Everyone has their own list and it varies every season, but for Season 5, I’ve found:

  1. Grau 556 (really the SIG552) is as they say a really nice one. Same damage level as an M4A1, but much less recoil and bounce. Outfit this with the 26″ barrel, 50 round magazine and the NVG scope. Then play until you level up to Mo’Money and it is an awesome combination. I find the silencer to be really useful as well to keep from attracting attention.
  2. MP7. If you bought the Season 4 pack, then you get a really nicely equipped one. It has silencer on it. And there is an NVG for it.
  3. Semtex and Stun. I don’t use these too much, but they are good to confuse.
  4. AX-50. There is some debate here as to which is better, but with the 8x NVG scope, it is good for long range shooting although in Coop these are relatively rate. Like for Bank Vault where you can be at the top of building.
  5. PKM. Well if you really need 150 rounds, then this is great. I actually find the Grau most useful.
  6. 725. This is another speciality weapon. I only use for challenges, where you camp in a house and wait for the NPC to come to you.

The real name translator. I’m sure there were licensing issues but here are the real names of some mythical weapons:

  • FR 5.56 is the French FAMAS. developed for the French. It’s a bullpup AR to be replaced by the HK 416
  • Kilo 141 is the German HK 433 the latest successor to the HK416 and G36.
  • Odin is the Russian Ash12.7 which is a big caliber 12.7mm AR
  • M13 is the SIG MCI the latest AR from them
  • Grau 5.56 is the SIG SG 552. In the game it’s better than the SIG MCI even though it’s an older design.
  • RAM-7 is the Israeli Tavor-21 bullpup AR

Some other reviews

But the main confusion is what’s the right long term strategy for each level. So some notes follow and also which is good to up level what weapon. If you are a true nerd about this, there is a Google Sheet with Weapon Damage Guide that shows the damage points, rpm so you can calculate TTK (time to kill) in seconds depending on where you hit. These by the way are changing all the time, so follow The Xclusive Ace on Youtube for example as someone who keeps up with the latest nerf (reduction) as patches are launched.

And what are the right load outs. Most of what’s on the web is focused on the multiplayer modes But Gamer Rant is one of the few to give specific loadout advice, but usually, I like to have some good general purpose loadout, so here’s some advice:

  • M4A1 (have it awesome with hybrid night vision). For me with the night vision scope they work best as it is hard to pick out targets otherwise. And yes it’s not very realistic. But it is fun, it’s not hard to get your M4A1 to Level 71. The maximum. Then you can use the Hybrid Night Scope, plus integrated suppressor as your backup. Because the integration saves you of the five loadout options. I find that More Money is really useful to level up quickly.
  • MP5 (need to work on this). The goto loadout seems to be M4A1 and MP5. The MP5 I have not leveled, up, but the MP7 seems to work well. The main thing it get is at least a 3x scope and ideally the night vision version plus a suppressor means the NPGs won’t notice you as much.
  • PKM (need to work on this). I have not leveled this one up but it has more punch than the M-91 which I’ve been using. For most levels, you need to have the thermal scope working when there are is smoke. The game is a little strange in that with enough rounds, any LMG will take out a Tank or Juggernaut. And again for many levels, you need night vision for those smoke day.
  • AX-50 (need to work on this) is great because many of the maps are very long range. If you can find a good corridor, you can up level quickly. Many folks like the Dragunov when playing just with NPCs because they don’t move much, but the AX-50 is more useful for other play. It’s hard to find a good place to “farm” this, but Harbinger is pretty good as there are many targets in the first phase and Paladin is not horrible defending the pool area. YOu can use a whole loadout right there, but most of the rest requires something with thermal sights.
  • 725 (need to work on this). This only has two shots but they are very powerful. This is a good backup in case you have an issue, but with only two rounds, you rapidly get overwhelmed. Really a specialty or secondary too. This is really useful in those crowded conditions as a last resort. The Bank Vault is nice for this in concert with an SMG you are trying to up level because it is so close range at the cutting through safe area.
  • Riot Shield, ok a little unrealistic, but you can’t be shot from behind with them and with a Juggernaut, they never fail. This really useful in levels like Kuvalda where you have to look at terminals and find boxes. This is mainly a short range area, so paired with a high capacity AR, SMG or LMG this is pretty good. It’s also good in things like the the Bank Vault challenge where there is no good place to shoot that’s safe from a rear attack.
  • Semtex and Stun Grenades. These Semtex stickiness is nice for corridor defense and stunning NPCs is very effective as is it with Juggernauts. I don’t use that much and rely more on always having armor.

Then there are ones that are little controversial:

  • MP7. Some folks really like this one, but for others the lack of range is an issue. As an aside IRL, the MP5 uses 9mm pistol rounds and the MP7 uses a 4.6mm round and is supposed to have greater penetration and range,, but this is a game after all, so that doesn’t seem true. If you have the Battle Pass, you get a very tricked out one. But looking at the stats, this does seem to be true.
  • AK-47. I haven’t level this one, but it has more punch than the M4A1 and with NPCs, the mobility doesn’t matter as much so a bit more a specialty piece
  • SCAR. This is a heavier version of the AR firing 7.62 but smaller magazine.
  • Bison PP-90. Bison has 60 round in magazine which is useful, but it bounces around alot.
  • Uzi comes up a big because of how good it is short range although controversial.
  • RPG-7. This is the noob tube that makes things way too easy.
  • MP-34. Supposed to be great for high volume. In things like Coop I’m not sure how useful it is.
  • FAL. I have one buddy who loves it but I find single shot too slow

Other advice

Then there are general ists from professional gamers like Boosting Factory where the advice is conflicting:

  1. Best AR. Ram-7, M4A1 (a perennial favorite) and CR-56 Amax. He doesn’t like the FN SCAR or the FAL which is interesting. CR-56 has high damage, lower fire rate, like the AK-47. Scar 17S is decent at long ranges.
  2. Best LMG. PKM and Bruen Mk7 (nerfed, so super no more). PKM is a perennial favorite because of damage and low recoil but poor ADS speed. I need to try the Bruen which has great long range damage but you need a secondary for up close. You can get it if you buy a battle pass otherwise it is hard to get the Bruen. He doesn’t like the M91 (good at long range but not for close) or the MG-34 which others like. As an aside, there is alway a change and the Bruen has been nerfed in the latest release.
  3. Best SMG: MP7, MP5.. The MP7 is the favorite. And PP19 Bizon (mainly because of it’s large magazine, it is hard to control though), AUG (pretty accurate I find) and Uzi are second, so I need to try the Fennec and Striker 45.
  4. Best Shotgun: 725. There seems like general agreement here because you get two rapid fire before reload.
  5. Marksman Rifle, Mk2, SKS
  6. Sniper. AX-50. Agree with that at least for Coop.
  7. Pistol. X16. I have not tried that.

TheXclusiveAce for Plunder and Warzone

This is just for these two modes, but I don’t know much it applies to Spec Ops, but on the other hand one of the main reasons to play Spec Ops is to “farm” your tools for thos two modes. He gives a good set of recommendations (and he points out that Damage per Second is way more important than TTK because of differing health levels, so focus on DPS) when crossed against magazine size, recoil and range:

  1. AX-50 for Sniper and Marksman Rifles. For one headshot with full armor, the two choices are AX-50 and HDR but even though the HDR fires slower, so hat tip to the AX-50.
  2. Origin-12 for Shotgun. The Origin-12 is more forgiving on the third shot. The R9-0 is better if you have to get two shots off.
  3. MP7 in SMG. MP7 over MP5 in warzone but MP7 is easier to control recoil and 60-round magazine matters.
  4. AUG with 5.56 conversion (!), RAM-7 (and FAL!) in AR. RAM-7 beats the M4 except for really long range. The surprising also-rans: the M4A1 is good but not as good as in multiplayer, but lower in DPS with good magazine. The Kilo-141 is also an also-ran but low DPS. The FAL is actually pretty poor in Coop because it is only semi-auto but it is so powerful and there are so many NPCs, but good in the Warzone and Plunder. The AUG with 5.56 has the highest DPS with 60 round DPS and handling of the SMG.
  5. PKM for LMG. It’s DPS is lower than the MG-34 is the magazine capacity at 200 rounds and easier to control and handle.

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