Yeastar S412 IP-PBX for noobs

I’m not anywhere close to a phone expert, although about 1.5M years ago, I worked in a phone company, so at least I know what a Ring Group is and Ingress, etc. So with an old Panasonic Keyphone system at work (which is a baby Private Branch Exchange or PBX), I had the job of […]

Homekit getting an ecosystem that’s private and easy

OK this is probably a fan boy post (and a good distraction from the elections today), but as I’ve been sitting at home trying to get no less than five (?!!) homes secure and ready I realize how the smart home market has really been coming together over the last year without me really realizing […]

Small aside: Life’s guilty pleasures a Zeroll 1012 ice cream scoop

In these pandemic times, it’s the little things that sometimes matter. Years ago I had a Zeroll ice cream scoop (top recommendation at Cooks Illustrated subscription required). And I can say it really does work. It has liquid in the handle, your hand actually warms the scoop and makes it easier to get the ice […]

Thoughts on whole-home wiring for new and existing with CAT 6a/8, MOCA 2.5 and PowerLine and Wifi 6e

Well there was a day when the modern thing to do was to installed structure cabling in new construction. That is a cable bundle that included ethernet, phone and cable. That would still leave you with all kinds of wires for things like burglar alarm sensors, thermostats and door bells (and even card keys in […]

Internet Ughs. Zoom needs three steps to remove a user. Awair conflicts with Unifi over MQTT Port 8883

In this day and age some things just seem ridiculously complicated. But here are some notes Zoom subscriptions Well I’ve been trying for three months to move down a user level. It’s really impossible. If you go to billing amd choose two to one for instance it all seems to work but ona. Mobile device […]

Finally fixing a server rack, plugging in Obihai right and DHCP rogues

Well it’s been years but we’ve had an old rack that isn’t the computer standard 19” rack and in looking at the logo on the side (chatsworth rack) I couldn’t find anything about it. But one chance remark from a hime theater expert really helped me. Tom said, yes those 23 inch racks are such […]

Deep vi hacking when you have 400 files to edit with registers, macros, mksession and wv

Ok this is a truly deep post only for those who are living in vi/vim/neovim and have 400 files to manually edit (because they were idiots and didn’t use shellcheck early enough for their many random bash scripts). So if you have to do this, it rapidly becomes pretty old. You could try to write […]

Dealing with your Remote Technologies Inc RTI-8V and remote

Well we got the Logitech Harmony working fine and I’m amazed how easy it is. We also got a new RTI-8V to replace a Crestron and here are some tips: Reboot the processor. There is no way to do this other than to unplug it and then wait for a minute and then the display […]

Of weirdo 23″ Telecom vs 19″ computer racks and things

Ok, if you are unlucky enough you might have an older 23″ telecom rack. The annoying thing is that most computer components these days are 19″ wide. What’s all this then about 19″ racks? As an aside, it’s hard to believe we are using a 100 years standard set by AT&T in 1922 for racks […]

Getting rid of your cranky phone system for a VOIP PBX

If you have a business or even a large house with an old PBX from the last century, then you know how expensive and complicated it is. We have a Panasonic system and it is really complicated to maintain. There are ports that don’t work. It has proprietary Panasonic handsets and also a wireless set. […]

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