Alternative networking over cable and power line

Well I installed both of these to test them. The first is an actiontec moca 2.5 adapter set that provides 2.5Gbps over cable to 16 devices. This network we cut off from the main cable internet connection. That’s because we have docsis 3.1 and moca 2.5 frequencies conflict so rather figure out how to change […]

Debugging Ethernet Wiring

(More election news avoidance posting, man I had a lot of mystery cables running around the house and it has been a good distraction from paying too much attention to the results. But here are some quick notes if you find that there are just wires hanging around your house. But here is what you […]

Waiting for Ubiquiti Early Access Products

One of the cool features of Ubiquiti is that you can see what the early access products are just by signing up. Because there is conversion to Wifi6 and also lots of new products, it’s a great way to see what is coming. Here are the things to look for: Unifi 6 Long Range Access […]

Buying a security system in 2020

(More ignore the election posting). Ok, in the old days, a security system meant calling someone, paying them to tear up the house and install little wires everywhere and then paying $30 a month for monitoring over the phone line. But if you want something today and nothing is installed what should you do. Well […]

Deftech BP3000TL speakers and UPS don’t get along

(More in the way of ignore the election by posting random stuff). Well I have a 20 year old pari of Def Tech BP3000TL speakers. Back then they were monsters weighing 150 pounds plus each and standing over five feet tall. They also have 1,000 watt amplifiers in them for 18″ subwoofers which is pretty […]

Taking care of that tangle of cables behind your server rack

(More posts in this day to keep the Election 2020 out of my mind 🙂 Well, now that we’ve gotten two server cages done, while it works, it is an absolute mess in the rear. While it might be OK just to cable tie everything, there are of course lots of solutions to this that […]

Is it time to get into 8K with the Sony Z8H or Samsung? Probably not.

(More distractions from electionitis)! Well we’ve reached the point where 4K displays are main stream. When you can buy a great 43” television for $530 in 4K, you know that we’ve reached a great point. Some sets like the LG CX show the quality you can get at 65” with 4K. It took 7 years […]

More tips on using Ubuntu 20.04 on Windows

(I know, I know, I’m trying to stay distracted on this big Election day!) Here are some notes on getting Ubuntu to work well with Windows for Linux. The first thing to note is that the user system is completely separate between Windows and Ubuntu. And that while you can search for Ubuntu as an […]

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