The Internal Craziness that is Git Submodules and LFS a reflection

Well, these are really powerful, but incredibly hard to understand. It’s taken me five years to get a sense of how to really use these is to first understand at an architectural level what is really happening inside Git, then it makes sense how this whole thing works. It’s taken me five years to really […]

Writing Documents with Deepnote and bringing Jupyter Lab up to snuff with Extensions

Ok, the ideal thing is that if you are writing some up intellectual property (IP) documents for say patents or papers, you need a good base to do this. Right now, I’m trying to set up a workflow that is efficient and easy for a patent attorney for instance to understand. So here is the […]

Unifi Diagnosis: the troubles with github threat protection and mysterious iOS incompatibilities

OK, I thought I had beat this one, but now it looks like there are more issues, but in tuning our Unifi network I was working on two issues: Apple devices sometimes will not connect. If you turn on all the goodies with Wifi, then iOS clients will suddenly report that they can’t connect to […]

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