Ubiquiti Unifi OS Console 1.9.3 Memory Leak and Restart plus Unifi CLI

OK, I’ve tried to stay away from SSH and doing command line stuff with Unifi, but this latest release (they used to call it the Unifi Controller which in the olden days was a piece of software that was written in Java and ran on Mac, Windows, and Linux, and you can imagine how fragile […]

Working with Startups and to engage with them

Dean asked me how I think about working with early-stage companies. This is a great question because there is a long way distance between being a full-time employee and having a coffee with a CEO. So here are the different stages you can think about engaging with a startup depending on your financial motivation. Is […]

A Sea of Kensington Docks from Thunderbolt 4 to Thunderbolt 3 for Mac and Windows

There are a sea of different Kensington Hubs as Thunderbolt 4 is coming out and it’s pretty hard to figure out what to use for what, but if you have: Older MacBook’s with Thunderbolt 3 Want to get new M1 MacBooks with Thunderbolt 4, but which are currently limited to a single monitor Be ready […]

Argh I can’t remember how I fixed Dave’s PC Power Supply and DIP switches but it was 8-pin cables

Geez, did I not write this down? At least, I remember fixing Dave’s PC but not how I did it. I’m sure I stuff it into tongfamily.com, but from the 6,000 plus posts I have, I can figure out how to find it. But, basically, a few years ago, Dave’s PC died. I thought it […]

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