How to use your own Makefile in github actions and run them locally for test and debug

Ok a big problem has been there are so many ways to do scripting and cd/CI pipelines. There are basically three different approaches: Stuff everything into GitHub actions. With Act you can actually run GitHub action locally. So when you combine this with pre-commit you can have a single method for controlling things. The main […]

What is code l6 on Kidde carbon monoxide detector?

What an annoying beeping and an inscrutable message. Our other alarms beep constantly which I just hate. But this little plug-in co2 system dumps this strange code L6. It should be flashing alternately with the ‘0’ with a short beep every 15 seconds. The indication is to replace the 9v battery. And every 10 years […]

Climate change: Which vegan milk is best? – BBC News

With sales of vegan foods on the rise, check the environmental impact of plant-based milks. We’ve been wondering which of the many variants of milk are better Turns out that diary milk is pretty polluting so buying different milk and eating plant base proteins are the way to go. Macadamia milk and oat milk are […]

HomeKit Aqara Security System and ugh First Alert OneLink will not pair unless you are on the same network

Wow, it is just crazy how non standard and different and difficult HomeKit pairing is. Some like Wemo won’t pair with their native apps but with work. Others like satechi pair fine but do jot connect reliably to 2.4Ghz. Same with the Wemo. The Aqara did pair fine with the M1S hub with the native […]

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