Strange long term HomeKit remote access, Eve Room Low Battery behavior and Denon x3700 power on and RTL shutdown problems…

Well, now that we have a farm of a zillion HomeKit devices. Going away for a while reveals the weaknesses. The problem so far is that these devices have what I would call computer reliability but not it should just work like a lightbulb reliability. Some examples: UniFi Protect and Access. The biggest disappointments. The […]

The Truly Formidable MacBook Pro M1 Pro and Max and accessories

Well, it’s been all over the internet, but Apple did launch some truly powerful chips in their new MacBook Pro lineup. The M1 Pro is 10 cores (8 performance and 2 efficiency) with 16 neural engine cores and between 16 up to 32 graphics cores. Plus up to 64GB of memory. What’s a nerd to […]

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