av: Blu-ray Handbrake backup at RF18 and Naming conventions for Kodi movies and TV shows

Most of the time when I get a reference quality Blu-ray, I will use Handbrake to make an archival copy. I find that with a 60GB Blu-ray if I set it for H.265 MKV 2160p60 as the default and make a custom one that matches the frame rate. For instance, NTSC is a really bizarre […]

net: To 1.4Gbps and Beyond (without Link Aggregation)

Wow, who would ever have thought we would get to this, now this is Comcast territory so not symmetric, but I’m getting a 1.4Gbps download and a 40Mbps upload now. This required some significant changes to the network. I had been using an Arris SB8200 which is a 32×8 DOCSIS 3.1 modem that has two […]

tv: Best 4K HDR Atmos Movies

Well, now that we have 4K HDR finally setup (thank you for all those year of isolation), it’s time to find the best movies that show off the soundtrack and the 4K HDR. So here are some of the best scenes thanks to Digital Trends, Shane Lee, Denon, Cinelux, Whatnerd (Feb 2021) and What Fi. […]

Car: argh done get a flat tire with a Tesla with these things!

Well we just got a flat with our Tesla and what a nightmare. They basically don’t provide you with anything that you need so here are the just haves so you are not like me: The main thing to realize is that Teslas are not designed with any failsafes if you have a flat. The […]

net: UniFi .localdomain and Bonjour, mDNS .local debugging

Since I last posted on the difference between .local and .localdomain where you get automatic naming from the hostnames, this really undocumented set of features has been useful and hard to debug. So some notes: Debugging .local Last year, the .localdomain was just the reflection of the hostname and appended to that domain, so for […]

home: Smart Home devices that do not recover from a power outage

Well, all this time at home has meant that we’ve put a lot of smart home devices into the house. Last week we had a power outage and I can definitely say that while more powerful, these devices are not particularly resilient to failures like this (particularly the cheaper devices), but here are the problems […]

edc: Favorite watches in 2022

So this has really been the year of the watch for me. With the Series 3 finally dying (because the screen finally cracked and then it died), I ended up buying a new set of smartwatches and it revitalized my interest at the other end of the Watch barbell, so here are my recommendations for […]

games: How to get Xbox Ultimate as a Microsoft Alumni

If you are lucky enough to be a Microsoft Alumni, then you can join the Alumni Association which I really encourage. But what can you do with this, well, there are a few things: You can check that this all works at the Account Portal

iOS: Continuity Camera Mounts

Wow, this is one of those features that I thought was useless, but now this is super useful. As a reminder Continuity Camera is a feature where you can use the really good backside cameras of an iPhone instead of the crappy camera inside your MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro is the near perfect laptop, […]

mac: When you need more disk get an external SSD SanDisk Pro-G40

Well one problem with the Mac is that it is a sealed box, so you need to get enough SSD space when you buy it. For instance, if I find I’m using 256GB regularly, then I will try to buy a 512GB Mac. And if you normally use close to 512GB, you will improve your […]

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