Headlamps 2020 and the Zebralight H600 and stuck batteries

Well, I have a collection of sort of bright to super bright headlamps and four years ago, I got the Coast FL85 which is a 600 lumen super bright headlight that uses three AAA batteries. Sadly although it has a lifetime warranty even while used indoors, the switch finally failed. I also have a bunch […]

Superhuman hidden commands to top and bottom are gg and G

Argh, this has been frustrating for two years, I’ve looked and looked for the Superhuman commands that would take you to the very top of a mailbox or to the very bottom and nothing seems to list it. But finally, I had the inspiration to just try the Vi equivalent command which are gg to […]

In for a penny, fully custom keyboard with U4T, YMDK 117, and Keychron K6 (K8 Pro)

OK, I’ve been spending way too much time in the keyboard hobby, now that I have basically every variant of factory-made keyboards, it’s time to go off the deep end and build my own keyboard, so here is what I’ve learned for those of you who want to dive deep. Bluetooth Hot-swappable Keyboard I wanted […]

MacBook, iPad, and iPhone purchase recommendations Winter 2022

OK, so all the Apple announcements last year, it’s hard to know exactly what to buy but here are some recommendations thinking about a typical user who does mainly browsing and using the Internet and then a more hard-core user who is into video editing, photography, etc. The main resource I use here is the […]

More Retro Keyboards of IBM PC, 3270, Reuters and Tople fame

Idk why but I keep buying these vintage keyboard recreations? Maybe just being bored in COVID isolation just make be more inclined to surf the net. I know, first world problems, but in looking at old keyboards, here are some wants: IBM Selectric keyboard. I still remember the first time I saw that crazy ball […]

MacBook Pro 2021 HDR and Spatial Audio Playback use Apple TV and IINA for now

Well, all this technology is so new, it’s not surprising how hard it is to make it all work, but with HDR and multichannel audio to work properly is actually pretty hard. We’ve already talked about the first level which is getting the base MacOS to push out 120fps UHD HDR with full 4:4:4 chroma […]

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