Apple Universal Control, Extend Display, and mechanical Keyboard setup for the perfect three monitor setup

OK, I’m spending the entire Memorial Day weekend writing up patents and things, so being efficient has never been more important. So as I sit here typing away, it seems like a good idea to go through how to get this all set up properly for maximum efficiency. So here are the parts: MacBook Pro […]

Open Broadcast Studio OBS Tips and Tricks for Fonts and Backgrounds

Ok, I’ve been using OBS for six months now particularly for those times when Zoom backgrounds are not enough (or when I’m using Google Meets which doesn’t have much in the way of backgrounds. Sadly, Slack video is particularly awful, it doesn’t understand virtual cameras at all). But here are some tips and tricks to […]

Ultrasonic Toothbrush Reviews and the Philips Sonicare 4100

We’ve been using various versions of the Philips Sonicare for years now and after the switch to the new brush type, they seem to work well. The main pain is that the battery does die after a while. Normally about 5-7 years which is actually not bad although they are not replaceable so the whole […]

The pain of migrating Homekit devices to a new Home and managing Users, Cameras and Face Recognition.

This is truly a pain in the butt. But, if you want to migrate devices from one house to another. Right now we work on no less than five homes across the extended family and this leads to all sorts of problems because each Homekit device works different and needs a different reset. The main […]

Not using the mouse with your Mac and good bye WASD Code V2.1 Keyboard

Well, since I’ve been doing lots of documents and working on Safari, I was reminded of the many keyboard shortcuts that you can use with Vimari and of course with Vi itself. But, one project I’ve not had time to try until now is vimac. This is a project that basically goes through graphical elements […]

Pretty Memo with Kindle Sepia, Alegreya SC, Source Sans Pro fonts and more on Color Slurp, Amphetamine and Stat utilities

One of the things I’ve noticed is that the traditional bright white with black text is actually pretty hard to read. When I was using Mac Kindle, I noticed their cream-colored paper with their light fonts was much easier to read. Thanks to the miracle of ColorSlurp, I was able to see exactly what color […]

Playing back Libby and Audible on Macs and iPhones

Turns out that with iPhones, it’s pretty easy to play back audio books for Libby which is the friendly version of audio playback with Overdrive or with the Audible application. But, if you have a Mac, then things get a little harder since there are no dedicated Audible or Libby applications for the Mac. You […]

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