pc: Color Laser Printer All-in-one

Well, ever since our Brother printer gave up the ghost with a software boot loop, we’ve been limping along with an HP Laser Printer and it has worked well. The problem is that we’ve really missed the automatic document feader (ADF) and scanner since there are still lots of documents we’d like to scan automatically. […]

net: from Twitter to Mastodon with WordPress auto post and Movetodon.com

OK, now that the Twitter dumpster fire is pretty clear, it’s time to move on to some new techie pastures. So I’ve been experimenting with Mastodon for the last few weeks. It’s a strange environment that feels like the first days of the Web. But, basically, this is about Activity Publishing where there are lots […]

apple: Making Family Sharing work requires patience

OK, this is one of the most confusing things about the Family Sharing feature and the App Store. What I thought should happen is that if you are in a Family Sharing group, you should use see applications like Final Cut Pro appear as downloadable, but this is now how it works. You need to […]

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