tech: Fixes for Cable Matters 201388 and LG, Thunderbolt vs USB 3.2 cable, Alienware R8 problems, ASUS ROG X13 works, Windows 11 Updates and Winget

Potential solution to the blanking of the screen I think I found that the Cable Matters model 201388 Cable Matters needs a firmware update to work. But basically long story short the adapter has V 6.03 in it and the new update is 6.05 and so it’s updated. I also found a host of other […]

home: HomePod soft reset fails do a hardware restore

OK, I’ve had two cases now where a HomePod just would not soft reset. In both cases, it would refuse to connect to the WiFi network. In both cases, it kept complaining that it could not find the WiFi network. I then tried the soft reset. This means you unplug the device and then hold […]

audio: Really high fidelity DAC and headphones or just be happy

OK, with the advent of lossless audio from Apple Music and other sources, it’s time to ask how can you get to the ultimate level of fidelity. I’ve been buying dedicated Digital-to-Analog Convertors DACs for a long time. And they have gotten really good. The first thing to note is that the original iPod had […]

Mac: LG B9 and Cable Matter USB C to HDMI Blanking and CalDigit TS4 Dock

Argh, this has been so annoying over the last two years. I have an LG B9 television connected to a MacBook Pro M1 2021 and most of the time when I turn it on, the MacBook is not detected. Here are the symptoms: It sure feel like, the Mac is losing synchronization with the HDMI […]

credit: Maximizing American Express, Chase Sapphire Reserve (and Audible Plus is cool)

Well, I’ve been working on maximizing the American Express Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve credits. This is important as these cards are expensive at $550 per year so earning the additional bonuses really matters, so I’ve been working on making sure that every dollar is used correctly and not surprisingly, they make it hard. American […]

Mac: Unmute Shokz headphones and Continuity Camera

Wow Ventura has an interesting feature called Continuity Camera, it lets you use a close-by iPhone automatically as your webcam. The picture quality is definitely way better than a MacBook Pro image and it does work very automatically which is kind of a miracle. If the Mac and the iPhone are on the same account, […]

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