dt3: GPT4 and SVB, The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Ok, Deon and Tong’s Third Podcast or maybe Exhaustion cast is a better name. YouTube in 4K HDR Glory Sorry for the continuing video issues, we are recording this in 4K HDR, so if you want to see it in high definition glory, you need an HDR capable screen (like the iPhone 14 Pro or […]

pod: Streamlined workflow v1.2 and OBS and Zoom bugs

OK, if you can believe it, I’m now doing four podcasts a week. Ok, two are private “video journals”, but still that’s a lot of videos. In the course of this, I’ve learned how to crash OBS and Zoom (a lot!) and how to bring a 64GB M1 Pro Max to its literal knees. that […]

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