rt1: Devindra on ChatGPT and Education in India

An interview with Devindra about the future education in the world of ChatGPT and Large Language Models. Show Notes A conversation with Devindra on the possibilities of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models for education in India and other Middle and Low-Income Countries. While these large language models today mainly work in the cloud and […]

vid: Final Cut Pro Titles, Transitions, Audio Editing, Animations and Chroma Sampling

OK, now that I can do the basics, how can you add all the details, it turns out that Final Cut Pro is really like iMovie’s big brother, so in the upper left, the object browser that has the ability to import what’s in your existing machine including Photos, Music and they have a huge […]

hw: The nightmare that is MacOS Ventura and Corsair DARK CORE RGB PRO Bluetooth pairing

OK, I have two of these mice. One is the DARK CORE RGB PRO SE, which works fine, but when I tried to pair a DARK CORE PRO (this is the version without but without built-in Qi Charging). Here is what happens which seems true for a few users this mouse is incompatible with MacOS […]

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