pod: DT4. AI Adventurers

Well, it’s been an amazing two months since our last set of Podcasts and we’ve been busy, particularly in many WhatsApp, Signal, and Discord chats, but finally, with new equipment (a new Elgato S60+ and a little impromptu time), we return. And of course we also have a Spotify Podcasters version that will also appear […]

vid: The annoying Final Cut Pro RequestCVPixelBufferFrame returned 3 error and Optimized Media

Ok, this one has really been bugging me. I’ve been using Apple Compressor because it is just way (like 10x faster) than Final Cut Pro > File > Share > Apple 4K. But, every so often I get this annoying RequestCVPixelBufferFrame (how user-friendly message). There is a lot on the Internet (and no, you shouldn’t […]

vid: Making a Sony A7R3 to Elgato S60+ to Mac OBS Studio and SanDisk Pro-G40

OK, it is just incredible how complicated it is to get anything to work correctly, but this is a relatively advanced podcast studio where I want to use the high-quality 4K output (not from a webcam with its relatively crappy lens) but with a great Sony Zeiss 55mm F/1.4 lens. It turns out it is […]

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