tech: Can’t Use Your Apple ID on this Device

I had never seen this message before, but if you use certain advanced features then you have to get rid of your old devices. The two break points are using Advanced Data Protection which means that everything in iCloud uses end to end encryption. Including all york photos and things. The big trade off is […]

sys: Google Drive moved off to iCloud Mail and Backblaze

OK, they just changed the way that Google Workspace works, it used to be free unlimited storage and now it is 5TB per person, so time to figure out how to move things away from Google Workspace. This got me thinking about what we really use Google for, the main thing is the spam filter […]

tech: Apple Watch bands desire

OK, what is going on with the watch bands I haven’t gotten yet, so a companion to the last post about bands I’ve gotten, I would say I haven’t found the perfect set by any means, but Tech Radar has a bunch that I should try (these are mainly the name brands I’ve been thinking […]

Tech: Apple Watch Band, Screen Protector reviews

Well, there are a million Apple Watch bands out there from the incredibly expensive Roo ones that literally cost $2. I decided to buy an assortment based on the reviews out there and tell you that a $99 Apple band is really worth it. The main surprise is that the big standard Apple bands are […]

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