blog: WordPress joins the Mastodon via Activity Pub

OK, this is a strange, but amazingly wonderful thing, there’s a WordPress plug-in that converts every post from a WordPress site into a Mastodon one. So now if you search for on Mastodon or Pixelfed, you will see the latest posts from this website. Basically, it emulates a few cool protocols, there is webfinger […]

pod: Podcast with Elgato S60+ and Shure VP83F mic and MacBook Pro mic

Well, I just got the Elgato S60+ which lets my Sony A7R3 push 4K resolution output, but today, I finally got my Shure V83F microphone working. Hooking it up is actually pretty confusing since there are so many different ways to do it, but the short notes are: Setting up the filters for Shure VF83F […]

blog: down out of disk so use Block Volumes after failing with DigitalOcean Spaces and Ingix

OK, I’ve been running on Digital Ocean for the last five years and it has been fairly trouble-free (particularly when I added the 2GB swapfile) to prevent out-of-memory problems, but the last two days it has been crashing. It turns out that my simple installation with a 25GB disk has been running out of […]

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