tv: Dolby Atmos to Dolby PLIIz Height over DTS Neo:6 cinema in older Denon AVR2310CI

OK, the last question is that when you have a modern format like Apple Spatial Audio which appears as Dolby Atmos that is going to an old AVR that doesn’t have this format, at least on my Denon, we get two mysterious options, the first is Direct which just means you get stereo, all these […]

tv: MacBook Pro to LG B9 to Denon via Sound Flakiness need settings and wiring check

OK, this setup has actually worked pretty well for three years, but lately, with Ventura, I’ve been having this problem: The trick I was using that since the old Denon only supports HD input, I would normally route all the inputs for the system through the AVR and then to the LG, but instead, I […]

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