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Cleaning out tabs: Standing desk, Camera, Magsafe recommendations

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I’m probably 20 blog posts behind. The strategy here is that if I learn something new, I just leave it open as a tab in Safari, this works really well, because you can share Safari links on any Apple device, so when I want to find something old that I’ve been working on the discipline…

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Fixing Apple App Store vs Apple Pay Options

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Ok, I admit it, I mistakenly thought there was a tie between Apple Pay and payment to the Apple App Store. Turns out these are completely unrelated. I twizzled the Apple Pay payment order to use my normal Visa card, but Apple App Store and Apple Subscriptions kept on going to a different card. Well,…

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MacOS crashes looking for answers

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Well, I’m really confused, my most important mission critical application, Zoom, is hard crashing my MacOS, so this is a good lesson in debugging things like this, but here are the symptoms: I have an old MacBook Pro (2016) running Big Sur, it has a Logitech BRIO hooked up to it via USB 2.0 cables….

The Hell that is USB C Cables

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I can’t believe we ever managed to make such a hash of cables, but to refresh everyone, back three years ago, I wrote 2018 The State of USB C Charging and then again back in 2017 USB C Cable Recommendations, so time now for another review of USB C and how to get cables and…

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Great Midwestern Distilled Spirits

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Had a great Zoom cocktail hour with some friends from the Midwest and I got a great list of classic spirits, I need to stock for the next time (soon!) when they can all come and visit: Buckeye Vodka. Well, I’m not quite sure how to get this, but Ohio’s number one Vodka. Got to…

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Dealing with old 1Password installations

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I’ve actually been using 1Password for five years now and some of my machines used the older synchronization system with Dropbox. One of the bugs I’ve encountered is that even if you disable these synchronizers, the password on the Mac version of 1Password stays stuck on the old password in those shared storage systems. Even…

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Wrist Rest and Pads for Keyboards and current favorite Keyboards

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It just seems like I’m more and more sensitive to the position of my hands on a keyboard. I can’t actually type in bed or lying down anymore. So I’ve learned to sit up. But I’ve also gotten a bunch of new keyboards and I haven’t had a wrist rest or pad on them. In…

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The assymetry that is Apple TV Screen Sharing

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We were recently watching a dance concert that was broadcast on the web and, man, is it complicated to try to get that to project on an Apple TV to see on the big screen. The big problem here is that there are two kinds of sharing that an Apple TV knows how to handle….