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Migrating Your Google Drive data to a new organization

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This is actually more complicated than you would think. That’s because Google Drive documents are really links into the cloud. So if you just copy them, you are still referring to something. And if the “owner” deletes it, you lose the document completely. The second reason for all this brain damage is a hole in…

A decoder ring for Trello and it’s mashup of teams, user name and boards

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Every company seems to have a different way of thinking about users and groups and Trello (now part of Atlassian is no different). If you are using this, here are the key things to know: Github-like identities. It is much closer to github in that it prefers that a person have a unique identity. You…

Eureka! URL, Landing Pages and Domain Redirects from Registrar to DNS to MU WordPress

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Man this information is just littered everywhere and it is nearly impossible to figure out and has taken me three months of wandering the Internet, but for most modern installations, you really want three levels of flexibility: Lots of different domain names pointing to the same base site. In these modern times, you want to…

What all this then about Tesla of electrification and autonomy and the Power of TWO

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Well most of this is already coming to pass, but right now Tesla stock is again at near it’s all time high. While I have no idea what the market will bring, there seem to be three factors that are coming into play. It’s like most business school cases, whether you like Elon or not…

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