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Brother HL-L2380DW CUPS printer on Unifi Network to Apple and passing Bonjour

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Ok some quick notes, if you have a Unifi network. If you have a network printer or an Apple TV, one big problem is that they have enabled an optimization called Multicast and Broadcast filtering’ which basically disables the ability for a wifi client to broadcast things like Bonjour or mDNS messages. You want to…

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Mindless entertainment

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If you need something to distract you and you want to see what Dave calls “clinically correct” gun-fu, then here four great choices; Old Guard. This just came out on Netflix. Charlize Theron is like the female John Wick and it’s nice she’s been practicing so much. And it looks like they are ready for…

Ugh WordPress database crashes

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Ive been trying to be cheap with my DigitalOcean WordPress installation. I use a $5/month 1GB memory droplet which works pretty well. The problem is that if you run out of physical memory, then MySQL will crash and you get the dreaded, “No database connection message”. Here is what I’m doing about it:I created a…

The Saga of LG C6 and Unifi Continues

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Well network stability remains. I think the fast roaming was the problem, but who knows. But the LG TV still can’t connect. Trying more Google fu, I found: I did get it to connect to 2.4GHz, but while it said it got an IP address and the DNS and I could it was connected, I…

Slack Hacking

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Well, I use Slack a lot particularly for development projects. The integrations really make the difference. That said it is a super quirky application because it sprays settings across the mobile and web application. It’s confusing because they have two completely different technology sets (even in the 2020s!) so that (like Zoom), some settings are…

More on Unifi and that darn LG TV

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Ugh, this is just a sea of settings, so it is hard to know what has been causing access losses, but something I did seems to have worked: The apple devices no longer get disconnect messages. I’m going to start turning things back on and see what is broken. But I turned basically all the…

Unifi Instability with Reconnects and Lost Passwords

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This has been pretty strange and I’m pretty sure it has to do with the zillions of settings in the Unifi controller. I’ve been pretty aggressive about hitting every box for our home network, but here are some learnings from reading troubleshooting tips from Unifi: The symptoms: Devices will refuse to connect to our network…

(Solved) Kindle Won’t Turn On

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Ok the main fix seems to be that and it worked for our paper white. There is not much you can do but charge it and hold the power button for 40 seconds. Our original kindle appears dead though 🙁 10 years old and it was still downloading. Pretty impressive but then charges but that’s…

Making Windows 10 with nVidia RTX 2080Ti work with an LG C9 UHD TV in HDR

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This is actually way trickier than it looks because to take full advantage of 4K UHD HDR means you need to get the nVidia card means tweaking both in the graphics card and with the LG C9 television itself. If you are naive about this, you will find the TV keeps popping between HDR and…

Saving dollars with T-mobile

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It’s amazing what they don’t tell you, but if you are a T-mobile customer some promotions that can save you money. The best way to do this is to periodically troll through the billing menus: Quibi is free for a year. You have to go to one line and it activates for all. And yes,…

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