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American Express Rewards on and also trying Best Buy rewards

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It is really hard to get any additional credits with or Best Buy for that matter, here’s one interesting hack:. The big issue is that with most rebate items there are lots of exclusions. Everything from electronics to anything well useful American Express has a promotion with Rakuten. If you sign up and spend…

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A Sea of Kensington Docks from Thunderbolt 4 to Thunderbolt 3 for Mac and Windows

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There are a sea of different Kensington Hubs as Thunderbolt 4 is coming out and it’s pretty hard to figure out what to use for what, but if you have: Older MacBook’s with Thunderbolt 3 Want to get new M1 MacBooks with Thunderbolt 4, but which are currently limited to a single monitor Be ready…

Argh I can’t remember how I fixed Dave’s PC Power Supply and DIP switches but it was 8-pin cables

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Geez, did I not write this down? At least, I remember fixing Dave’s PC but not how I did it. I’m sure I stuff it into, but from the 6,000 plus posts I have, I can figure out how to find it. But, basically, a few years ago, Dave’s PC died. I thought it…

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Of S-Video TVs, Homekit Smart Plugs, Extensions cords, etc.

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Wow, it is really raining Homekit Smart Plugs and Extension cords. Really, I’m wondering, why given the relatively low cost, you wouldn’t just get all your new extension cords and multiple outlet adapters as HomeKit devices now, so some things to think about: Upgrading an old S-Video TV with an Apple TV is not crazy…

When WordPress JetPack fails it could be your Certbot SSL on DigitalOcean Ubuntu and Netlify DNS.

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OK, this was a strange problem I hit today, suddenly, when using WordPress, JetPack could no longer see the custom site. Even running the diagnostics led to an unknown error. I saw a fleeting message about invalid SSL certificate but this never appeared again. But when I went to Safari and click on the lock icon for…

Configuring multiple houses with multiple family members with HomeKit Secure Video

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OK, as a poor man’s burglar alarm, we’ve been trying to figure out how to use HomeKit Secure Video and also have night lights go on in various vacation and summer homes across an extended family. It turns out that it is pretty tricky to do (and we have one outstanding issue), but here are…