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Monitor color calibration and extending the life of my DataColor Spyder3

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Ok I know this sounds little strange for an electronic gizmo, but I’ve had for 10 years, the same color calibrator. There are newer ones out there, but for a device that I literally use once a year, it seems sad to have to buy a new one. This is the Spyder3 and about three…


Devcare a budget guide to chairs, monitor stands, monitors, great mice, keyboards, wrist rest, and mousepads

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OK, as the geeks are staying home more and more, it’s way more important to have the right working environment and to make sure it is ergonomic and not going to give you Carpal Tunnel syndrome or neck aches. So here are some notes on things to get in order of importance (at last IMHO):…

Strange pricing at Xfinity get 1Gbps and unlimited data for $90 vs $110 for 300Mbps and unlimited

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Well you can see how they manage their incentives so that for now: 1. Move to 1Gbps plan for $90 on a year and you get unlimited data. Normally this is $30 a month. But if you use their gateway for $25 then you get it for free. 2. More strangely if you get the…

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Social Distancing and Indoors with better air handling with HEPA filters and Indoor Air Monitoring

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Well during the summer we had our socially distanced walks and meals with 2-4 friends. That is wearing masks and at least six feet apart and outdoors as much as we could. But now that the fall is here in the Northern Hemisphere that is going to get harder and harder. So what can we…

End of sprint @restartpartners

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Been way buried this last three months doing decision making tools for Aka @restartpartners. Great adventure learning how to write code and get my hands dirty leading a small but amazing group. Main observations: Pandemic was great. So many great CS undergrads with nothing to do. Yet another chapter in the book about how…

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Argh beware an nVidia Shield killed my AVR

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Yikes what a strange story, but we’ve been using the original NVIDIA Shield for years and suddenly, our home theater’s audio-video receiver (AVR) died. It literally wouldn’t power up and the UPS also didn’t work. Replacing the UPS didn’t help. We also replaced the receiver and the Shield actually caused the processor to hard crash…

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Stability achieved. Cut over to Unifi Dream Machine Pro happiness and do not brick your EdgeMax by rebooting too fast

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Well it took all night but finally cutover from a MacBook controller to a Dream Machine Pro and I’m glad I did: Unifi and Synology becoming the Apple of networking and storage. Yes you can hack away or buy cheap consumer gadgets but they are a headache. These two companies are taking the open source…

Adding streaming to a 4K projector

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Today just about all television have a smart client that is typically Android based, this makes it easy to get the big streaming services without having to add any more boxes. But if you bought a projector that’s barebones many of these do not have anything like that mainly for cost reasons so all you…

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Managing an internal Network 2020

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Well, it does seem like a network at home has gotten really complicated. Our house has over 30 different IP devices alone and trying to manage all of them is definitely not easy. Here are some notes: Moving to Power over Ethernet using 802.11af. Lots of new devices support it, in particular the Unifi collection…

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Keeping up with a sea of Machine Learning research

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Wow, there is just so much going on in technology for Machine Learning from the devops of making it run to the new applications that are shipping to the core research. So how do you keep up? In the past, I’ve mainly used Medium and the Data Science posting plus TWIML as a podcast, but…

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