Qi Charger Buying Guide

Well now that I’m spending so much time at home (who isn’t), there always seem to be some things that were optional but which seem like necessities. One of them is never having to plug your phone in. So with Qi chargers getting so cheap, it makes sense to have one on every desktop. Here […]

At home workout training tools

Well my indoor bike trainer is on the way but what are the tools for exercising if you are at home and don’t have a beautiful home gym? Well first of all a lot of people are going outside. Just be aware of three things. This virus does live on metal and even cardboard. And […]

Apple Watch does not pair with AirPods

Man, this was mighty frustrating. The pairing between Apple Watch and AirPod has been seamless for a long time, but just this week, I found that my Apple Watch kept saying, “can’t find AirPod Pros”. This happens even if I turn off every Bluetooth device that has ever paired with the AirPod. I even tried […]

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