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They just got acquired but are even better

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I was reminded once again how much I like the Garden Court. It is right in the middle of Palo Alto and with the renaissance of the center there, there are fewer t-shirt shops and many more classy restaurants.

The Garden Court is de rigour for the Stanford MBA events, but it is really a nice hotel. Free wifi and Internet and they are now part of an exclusive chain.

The service if anything is better than ever and I really like the winebar and the morning coffee and danish they serve. Also this is one of the few places with parking in central Palo Alto.

Elegant dining with terrific Lamb and Mediterranean

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I had a dinner with some folks there last week, it is right at Emerson and University in Palo Alto, so convenient to get to. They have a great wine list (which restaurants in tony Palo Alto don’t). Metroactive (http://www.metroactive.com/papers/metro/10.10.02/dining-0241.html) seems to have the best reviews of local Palo Alto eateries.

My buddies who took me there recommended the lamb and the veal chops. I have to say they were terrific as was all the wines. You really need to go there with friends as there are so many different things to try. I also had their .

If you are wondering, Lavanda is Italian for lavender and the chef is a well know fellow down there. His name is Clyde Griesbach and he was at Marbella, Azur and Goosetown Café.

Quick, clean and tasty

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Well, I don’t know how authentic it is, but Shiok is a great find in Menlo Park, its on a quiet street and it has great teas including the lime one that I had where you got to pour your own sweetener in. The shrimp was really tasty and the service was quick.

My buddy who goes there quite a bit tells me it is very reliable.

A perfect hangout right around the corner from the glitz of Stanford Shopping Center. Glad there are still places like this on the Peninsula.