Windows Networking Still so clunky, big disk problems with Windows Server and 5GHz WiFi DFS Problems

Man, I don’t use Windows too much any more, but somehow I would have thought that simple things like discovery in a home network would be fixed by now. With a Mac, it is trivial to discover a server with something claleedd Bonjour (or mDNS Responder) for power nerds. This basically has each peer in […]

Do not use MacOS Calendar on Catalina

You would think that after 50 years of the calendaring madness that it would end, but with two non-profits, a for-profit and two personal calendars, like is just not easy and conflicts are happening everywhere. So starting at 2AM last night, I finally resolved to try to fix this problems, but the main issue is […]

Vuescan hangs on Calibrate with MacOS Catalina probably due to Grain Dissolver

I had this problem a few years ago Sierra, but Vuescan, an image scanner, hangs on calibrate and results are wrong. I never did get to the bottom of it and just switched to USB from Firewire, but how it is back. I think it is probably some bad parameters, so how to reset Vuescan […]

Argh Airplay 2 is still broken for streaming audio and video

Well, for a long time I’ve been using Rogue Amoeba (a great name!) Airfoil. This plugs itself into the Mac sound system and lets you stream content to just about everything. From Chromecast, to anything else. Apple introduce Airplay 2 which does the same thing. This works at the application level. That is if you […]

Gmail not activated for Gsuite because of high load

Ok file this in the department of strange things. With so many people working from home Gsuite is just jammed. In bringing up a new Gsuite account (for yet another company), I ended up in a strange loop. I would login to gmail and it would say “This account does not have Mail activated” and […]

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