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Honda Apple Link

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nuxx.net – Honda Music Link iPod Adapter Review. But don’t get the Honda Music Link. It has software that is supposed to allow voice recognition and selection from the stereo, but as this user notes, it doesn’t work. Instead, I’d recommend getting a Tendeck flexible thingy that plugs into the cigarette lighter and then using…

Honda Fit

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Consumer Guide, Edmunds review Honda Fit – Autoblog. The Honda Fit just got the top rating from Car and Driver this month. It is a subcompact that is the size of the original Civic (if you remember that car, we had a 79 Civic called the rollerskate). It is the best selling car in Japan….


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Carscoop: Toyota Yaris Verso. Wow, Toyota seems to have figured out life in the $3/gallon range. They just announced the Yaris. It will cost less than $13K in the US. Has four doors and gets 40 mpg. Maybe that’s why they are the only car company to grow sales last quarter in the US.

Acura Handsfreelink

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hfl_sys_home. This is the branded version of a Bluetooth connection for your cellphone. In 2005 MDX’s and later they have this, but it is not documented in the manual. At least I can’t find it. They do have a site “Handsfreelink.com”:http://handsfreelink.cm that tells you about. They can store up to 50 phone numbers and pair…