MDX HandsFreeLink

HandsFreeLink : Frequently Asked Questions HandsFreeLink is standard on the 2004 and 2005 Acura TL models, the 2005 RL, and any 2005 MDX equipped with the Touring Package. This feature lets you connect any Bluetooth mobile phone to the onboard speaker system and microphone of an MDX. A great feature never discussed. Here is how […]

R2D2 vs. t2B

!>! R2-D2 versus the Scion t2B – Autoblog – _. _Who would have every thought you’d get car names like t2B. This is the next generation xB (which is of course the US version of the Japanese bB. Confused yet?_ Most interesting factoid. R2-D2 stands for “Reel two, Dialogue two” something George Lucas took […]

Scion xB

!>! 2004 Scion xB – Test drive and new car review – 2004 Scion xB. _This car is just about everywhere at our school. It sure is practical and I love the price. As Alex says, just about as ugly as sin, but maybe right for Dad. Ironically, it was supposed to be for youth, […]

Car Repair and Service

Time once again for the regular car servicing. Some folks are finally letting you use Internet forms: * Acura of Bellevue Service Form. Or call 888-664-7249 if you are old fashioned. * “Barrier Volvo”: And again, there is 800-770-1348 for the old fashioned.

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