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Utilities in Seattle

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It is amazing how easy it is to setup all your utilities from your coach in Seattle. You literally don’t have to talk with anyone. The only problem is that URLs for signup are so buried in information, As an illustration and what a dashboard should look like to signup and then to monitor/pay your…

Music Galore

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Spent a day thinking about nothing but music in the US. Strange to just have a meeting about music in China and then go directly to the US. Interesting sites: * “lala.com”:http://lala.com. Spirit of full disclosure we are investors, but what the heck kind of cool * “nutsie.com”:http://nutsie.com. Ditto * “Pandora”:http://pandora.com. I haven’t played with…

China Disaster Relief

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We’ve been trying to efficiently donate as a group to help all those poor folks in China. Our Chinese affiliate, “Qiming”:http://qimingventures.com is giving through the Chinese Red Cross, but if you are out of China, what are your options? We just want something simple that takes a credit card. First, “Charity Navigator”:http://charitynavigator.com came up from…

Phone Rates to China

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It is amazing how rates have really fallen. Now with AT&T, calling a mobile number in China is $0.16 a minute. With “GlobalPhone”:https://www.gphone.com/myaccount/multirates.asp?glo=globalphone&aid2=GH15 as a low cost check, it is 7.6 cents per minute. That is 1 cent a minute to call a local access number (7038522111) and then 6.6 cents to call China. Wow,…

Nonstop US China flights

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If you can believe it, there are only seven daily nonstop flights between the US and China and three via Tokyo. But it is really harder than heck to actually figure out the right flights using expedia or even a travel agent. The routings are wierd. So here is a summary that I’ve found really…

Chinese Translation Tools

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Well since I’m learning Chinese in earnest here are the tools that I use. All are free and publically available and here’s the order: If I see a Chinese word or sentence and don’t know the translation: # “Google Translate”:http://google.com/translate_t. First I use the Google translator to see if I can generally see what it…

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