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Music Galore

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Spent a day thinking about nothing but music in the US. Strange to just have a meeting about music in China and then go directly to the US. Interesting sites: * “lala.com”:http://lala.com. Spirit of full disclosure we are investors, but what the heck kind of cool * “nutsie.com”:http://nutsie.com. Ditto * “Pandora”:http://pandora.com. I haven’t played with…

China Disaster Relief

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We’ve been trying to efficiently donate as a group to help all those poor folks in China. Our Chinese affiliate, “Qiming”:http://qimingventures.com is giving through the Chinese Red Cross, but if you are out of China, what are your options? We just want something simple that takes a credit card. First, “Charity Navigator”:http://charitynavigator.com came up from…

Phone Rates to China

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It is amazing how rates have really fallen. Now with AT&T, calling a mobile number in China is $0.16 a minute. With “GlobalPhone”:https://www.gphone.com/myaccount/multirates.asp?glo=globalphone&aid2=GH15 as a low cost check, it is 7.6 cents per minute. That is 1 cent a minute to call a local access number (7038522111) and then 6.6 cents to call China. Wow,…

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