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Chinese Translation Tools

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Well since I’m learning Chinese in earnest here are the tools that I use. All are free and publically available and here’s the order: If I see a Chinese word or sentence and don’t know the translation: # “Google Translate”:http://google.com/translate_t. First I use the Google translator to see if I can generally see what it…

China trips

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A good buddy of mine was asking about fun quick trips in China. While there are many, hat top to Duane for these two suggestions: 1. Cruise of the Li River and spending a day or two in Yangshuo, a very scenic and unique town at the end of the cruise. This would be a…

Chinese Text to PinYin

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Well, I use Google to translate Chinese characters to English which works OK, but I really need something that also translates to Pinyin so I can read it. “Ping Asian Imports”:http://www.pingasianimports.com/Chinesepinyin/Translate.asp has such a tool. What I really need is something that takes a web page or a PowerPoint document and double converts to Pinyin…