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Bike Light Guide

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Mountain Biking Product Spotlight: MTBR Lights Shine-Off. For years I’ve recommended the Light & Motion HID lights. They are super bright, but the big drawback has been they don’t run that long, so aren’t that useful for more than a relatively short bike commute (2 hours at most) and they are heavy at over two…

Garmin eTrex Vista Color and Legend Color

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!>http://gpsinformation.us/vistacolor/vistacolor.jpg!. GARMIN Vista and LEGEND COLOR GPS Product Review. Jeff got one of these and they appear to really be breakthrough in size and cost. Sad since it means new software is needed since I bet on Magellan. Still, these are very tiny and have a bike mount. The Legend Color is $300 and the…

GPS for Biking

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GPS Receiver Information, Software, and Hardware Reviews of Garmin, Lowrance, Magellan and other GPS Receivers. Bump this back up. I’ve used these guy’s guide before. Very useful three years ago when I got my Magellan SportPro for the boat. Now I need to see what is the smallest lightest thing for touring on a bike.