Girl with a Pearl Earring

!>! Just saw the movie, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”: and while a little obscure, it sure was a beautiful period piece. The painting of course is known as the Mona Lisa of the North and it is pretty amazing. Some interesting facts: * It all started from Johannes Vermeer (often credited as Jan Vermeer […]

Connie helps cure cervical cancer

Connie’s group is finding that there is a vaccine that can help prevent Cervical Cancer. They found a protein that assembles itself into viral-like particles that targets the virus that causes the cancer. Technology News: Health : Good Results on Cervical Cancer Vaccine. A good technical explanation. “MSNBC has Connie on TV”: Its a nice […]

Famous People and What They Drink…

We’re having a Holiday Party and I like to invent fun games. Here’s one, match the famous person with what they drink. So, you have folks who have the name of a famous person and match it to what their favorite libation is. Here are some websites to pick from: * Absinthe was drunk […]

Evening Bags

Connie wants a “clutch” (no dummy no the car kind, the purse kind). Amazing how hard it is to shop on the Internet for clothes. I tried,, etc. “Ebags”: seems to have the most selection. Interesting there isn’t a service that directs you even after a bunch of google searches. I finally settled […]

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