The ultimate Covid-19 Home Office

OK, I’ve gone from spending an hour in my home working to nine Zoom calls on Friday and then working until 10PM on various projects (Covid response, helping companies survive, investment funds, etc.). So suddenly having the right home office setup has become really important. So help the economy and order some stuff, but here […]

Contribute your computer to understanding Corona virus

You can use either Folding@home or Rosetta@home to do this. It’s not completely clear how to do this so some instructions: Folding@home. It works best is you have a computer with a GPU. It is doing simulations while you are sleeping in a huge network. The client isn’t in `scoop` as far as I can […]

Corona Virus Personal Protection and Masks

Well, if you are lucky enough not to be exposed, how do you stay that way. There are the usual tips and WHO is pretty clear about it Wash your hands thoroughly Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands Avoid sick people Ok, that’s nice, but how do you do the latter, […]

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