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LED Light Bulb and CFL Reviews

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There are so many brands of CFL (Compact Florescent Lamps) and other energy efficient LEDs that it is hard to know where to start. h3. “Consumer Reports”:http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/home-garden/home-improvement/hardware-building-supplies/lightbulbs/compact-fluorescent-lighting-10-07/overview/bulbs-ov.htm?resultPageIndex=1&resultIndex=2&searchTerm=light bulb They have done the most intense study including running the bulbs to see how long they last. It cost $26 per year for a subscription to their…

Buying Guides

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Dave asked me what review sites I use as he uses “Consumersearch.com”:http://consumersearch.com, I use a different site for each specialty area. And some notes on what’s the right buys… 1. Camcorders.info. The best reviews on video cameras. Canon HF-10 looks like the winner as HD camcorder2. Dcviews.com. An overview site with links to the very…