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Following the Tour de France

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On TV, undoubtedly, those of you in Comcast territory should kiss the earth. They now have Video on Demand and if you are smart, you can find 20 minute Tour de France highlights in their VOD section. Of course, good luck finding it. Here’s how: * “Comcast On Demand”:http://comcast.m0.net/m/p/com/mic/Sports.asp?email=&cmp=&custom=. Hit Menu and select Video on…

Tour de France Stage 14

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_What an exciting stage. Of course I had to follow it all over my Blackberry’s mobile web access to cyclingnews.com. Pretty cool to do remote though._ The big news of course is that T-mobile blew out the Discovery Team. Boy are those guys strong. With three world class contender, Ullrich, Kloden and Vinokourov. The main…

Bike Shipping

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Sports Express Luggage & Sports Equipment Delivery Service – Welcome. If you have to ship your bike, there are a couple of options. The airlines charge $80 each way and you have to have a bike case. Also, remember the TSA can inspect anything, so your $$$$s bicycle is completely open for anyone to look…