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Kerio Hosting

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Chris mentioned to me and Rennie that Kerio was an old time Mac solution that does just about everything. They support Outlook directly with their own MAPI provider, they support Entourage as well directly. They also do Blackberry sync and iPhone as well without needing anything else in the middle. He said that “Big Mountain”:http://www.bigmountaindesign.com/…

Apptix Exchange hosting

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My buddy “Pascal”:http://center.spoke.com/info/pI2Q8X/PascalMartin told me that there are lots of Exchange hosters. Said I might try Apptix as one company. So off to “asp-one.com”:http://asp-one.com for a trial. Some quick notes: * They don’t support Mac users in the admin console. They actually require Internet Explorer to run their administrative UI. * The actual site is…