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Exposure Metering on Canon 350D

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When you are shooting sports photos, the normal mode for the Canon 350D is pretty useless. It is by default set to according to the “tutorial”:http://creativekarma.com/ee.php/weblog/comments/exposure_modes_on_the_rebel_xt/ 1. Program. which means it chooses the aperture and speed automatically. This is usually too slow for sports where you want it to be 1/500 second or faster to…


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OK, finally flopped Nextgen Gallery for ZenPhoto even though I can’t get the widget to work. But, let’s try integration. First, you should see a “Photos”:https://tongfamily.com/zenphoto button now at the top. You do need a password to see anything though 🙂 But to get it to actually integrate into the blog is the trick. First…