Fishing Gear Guide 2004

It’s been a while since I’ve bought much fishing gear, but with Grace growing up and actual success catching fish, I need two more rods. A good time to update the fishing guide. Resources like “TackleTour”: They remain a great guide to fishing gear particularly their editors choice: * “Quantum Energy 20PTi”: Kind of expensive, […]

Knowing Your Freshwater Bait (Non-Worms)

Knowing Your Freshwater Bait (Non-Worms) Knowing Your Freshwater Bait (Non-Worms) Through centuries of trial and error, anglers have narrowed their bait choices to a few reliables. The following section covers the most popular non-worm bait for freshwater fish. (And by the way, the reason you find certain baits in bait shops is that they really […]

Trout – Baiting For Springtime

Trout – Baiting For Springtime Trout SALMON EGGS Salmon eggs are a highly productive trout bait, especially on opening day. They’re the right size and shape, and in many instances, they are saturated with flavored oils for added enticement. Cheese-flavored eggs seem to be the most popular. Salmon eggs come in a variety of colors. […]

Ultralight Spinning Rods Six New

Ultralight Spinning Rods Six New Ultralight Spinning Rods, Ultimate Ultralight Travel Set Added CERRITOS, CA– Daiwa is taking ultralight spinning tackle to the extreme level with its six new Spinmatic rod models, each of which features titanium nitrided Zirconia tip-top that is so tough a file cannot scratch it. With Daiwa’s X-Treme guide system ultralight […]

Packable Tackle

Packable Tackle Do realize that, as with photo equipment, good gear assures quality results but only beginners pay list price. Tackle is widely discounted. Shop wisely and you can save 30 to 50 percent. I’ve found the lowest prices either in mail order catalogs you can order through fishing magazine ads or in discount stores […]

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