Switching from WordPress to Hugo and JAMstacks

More election distraction… Well, I’ve been, for over 15 years WordPress and it’s probably time to leave the family. A Brief history of tongfamily.com Originally, tongfamily.com started in 1996 with FrontPage Extensions. Then in 2003, I finally had some time and switched to Ben and Mina Tratt and their Movable Type in 2003 blogging platform […]

GitHub-fu from master to main and handling upstream quickly

Now that GitHub has made the transition from master (good-bye slavery!), all existing repos need to change otherwise you will never remember if you should git checkout master or main. Fortunately the steps are pretty easy: Rename your local branch from master to main with git branch -m master main where I think -m means […]

Making email the proper center again

What a mess this quarantine lifestyle is. I have literally half a dozen channels I have to monitor from email to Slack to iMessage to Whatsapp to Signal to Teams. Then I have notifications from a host of products from Mac Calendar to Github to Trello. So one thing about this exploration of different mailers […]

Using Google Colab with Github

Ok this is a pretty awesome tool, you can use a free virtual machine with GPUs and TPUs for small Jupyter notebooks. Some quick notes on how to be successful with it: They include full version control in the Jupyter Notebook itself, but if you want full version control, the best thing to do is […]

More Github madness on forking, transfers and Zenhub

Ok, Cassian says forking does not sound completely healthy thing to do. Well, for those none geeks out there, what it means is that if there is that in github, a bunch of code is collected together in a repository. If you want to work on someone’s software, then there is the concept of a […]

Forking a Private Repo

Wow this is now amazingly complicated as Github probably for very good security reasons, so here are the steps if you are creating a new organization: Go to the Organization and in Setting turn on Private forks so that you don’t accidentally Then in each Repo, go to settings and turn on forking. Also security […]

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