Getting Mail to work properly from WordPress

Well this has always been a little bit of a mystery to me. When you work with WordPress, it eventually does like to send mail to folks as an administrator. How do you make this work. If you are using Amazon AWS Lightsail, the default Bitnami image has something called WP Mail SMTP preloaded. You […]

Tips for Aliases in GSuite

Ok, this is a confusing topic because there are two distinct things you could mean by this. The first is if you want to actually go to And the second is if you want to actually go to a group of people in the company like and The confusing thing […]

Argh. Google and MacOS authentication woes

Just spent an hour on a really frustrating problem with Google. What they did makes sense but the error messages are really hard to fathom TL:dr If you have MacOS Catalina and are trying to setup a gmail account on it. It doesn’t work the way you thjnk. Authentication now happens from Safari to get […]

itunes inconsistent in how it handles artwork

If itunes finds the artwork for you, it never adds it to your MP3 files, so you have to Get Info and copy and past it. If you have art yourself, then you have to copy and paste them in. A little strange. Pushing Album art to MP3 files – Mac Forums n my experience […]

Reset iCal and Entourage

I’ve had terrible problems with both iCal and Entourage. With iCal, I first tried to use Google Calendar and then started deleting excessive calendars. Then, when I rebooted, I discovered that I couldn’t see any calendars and also that when I tried to add another calendar with New calendar, iCal just hung. First thing to […]

2 port USB car charger and power inverter

I’m such a nerd, right now, I need no less than six car chargers in my car. Here is what I need: # Escort 9500i. This actually has a dedicated cord that attaches to its own charger. Shame on them for not just using 5V, but OTOH, it works super well I have to say. […]

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