Charities and giving

Grace’s friends have been contributing to a fund to help others. A good discussion about what to do with it. Here were some suggestions: * “Northwest Harvest”: Even a country as rich as the US has folks who don’t have enough food. It’s also easy to donate. Either drop it off at “Cherry Street”: which […]

A Musical Journey

A Musical Journey. A great gift that Grace got for Christmas, this is a illustrated book that takes you to the various areas in China and let’s you hear the music. Beautiful and the original folks songs are great. By the way the author has some great recommendations for learning what I’d call practical Chinese. […]

Grace's Montlake T-ball schedule

Here’s Grace’s T-ball schedule for Montlake: | Date | Time | Opponent |Field| | June 17th|5:15pm|Stingers Jorrit Van der Meulen |5 | | June 24th |5:15pm|South Park Carmen Martinez |6 | | July 1st |5:15pm|Mighty Mice John McHale | 4 | |July 8th |5:15pm|South Park Carmen Martinez | 6 | | July 15th |5:15pm|Cougars Sean […]

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