Charities and giving

Grace’s friends have been contributing to a fund to help others. A good discussion about what to do with it. Here were some suggestions: * “Northwest Harvest”: Even a country as rich as the US has folks who don’t have enough food. It’s also easy to donate. Either drop it off at “Cherry Street”: which […]

Grace's Montlake T-ball schedule

Here’s Grace’s T-ball schedule for Montlake: | Date | Time | Opponent |Field| | June 17th|5:15pm|Stingers Jorrit Van der Meulen |5 | | June 24th |5:15pm|South Park Carmen Martinez |6 | | July 1st |5:15pm|Mighty Mice John McHale | 4 | |July 8th |5:15pm|South Park Carmen Martinez | 6 | | July 15th |5:15pm|Cougars Sean […]

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